ENGN.2060: Strength of Materials - Hansen


Each week will have an associated homework set that must be completed by the deadline outlined in the syllabus. The problem set should be stapled and placed in the designated location in the front of the classroom before lecture begins. A homework set cannot be submitted after class has begun. 
A homework set is considered complete if:

  • All problems have been attempted.
  • The problem set is stapled in the upper left hand corner
  • The problems have been worked out in a manner consistent with the solution 
methodologies introduced in class. This includes:
    • Each page is numbered in the upper right corner
    • Each page is labeled with the student’s name
    • The problem number is written out at the beginning of the solution
    • The problem diagram is accurately and neatly drawn
    • The “known” quantities of the problem are stated
    • All calculation steps are shown
    • The answer to the problem is double-underlined


Homework Note

Note that you do not need to get every problem “correct” to receive full credit for the Problem Set – you only need to have honestly attempted each problem. The problem sets are a tool for you to identify what you do and do not understand and provide you a basis from which you can ask clarifying questions during the next lecture. 
Solutions to the problem sets will be posted to Blackboard by the end of the day that each problem set is due. 

Core Concept Quizzes

As the course progresses you are required to demonstrate mastery of the core concepts covered in each problem set by taking a series of quizzes. These quizzes will consist of a single problem and you must both work the problem using the correct procedure and arrive at the correct numerical answer to receive credit for the quiz. You can take each quiz multiple times, but you must pass each quiz in sequence. There will be at least one opportunity each day to take one of these quizzes.


A quiz on a topic will “open” on the day that its corresponding Homework Set is due.
 In order to receive a grade of B or greater in this class you need to receive credit for all quizzes. 


If you are unable to pass a quiz after a third attempt, you must set up a meeting with Prof. Hansen. At this meeting there will be a frank discussion about your ability to continue in the class and you may be asked to voluntarily withdraw yourself from the class.