ENGN.2060: Strength of Materials - Hansen

EMail Protocol

Email protocol with Prof. Hansen, Grading Assistants: All emails that Prof. Hansen send to you regarding class topics will be sent from his UML email account and have a subject line that begins with ENGN 2060-202 F16 -


If you want to email Prof. Hansen or the Grading Assistant(s), please observe the following protocol:

     Do not Reply to any message previously sent by Prof. Hansen; rather begin a new email. 

     Send using your UML student email 

     Begin subject line with ENGN 2060-202 F16 - 

     Include your full name, student email and student ID at the end of the email 

     Proper punctuation, capitalization and grammar are always appreciated


On your end – might I suggest that you set up email filters that flag all email sent from the professors with whom you are taking class to be sent to a common folder. Make sure that you check this folder once a day – from a computer rather than a phone. Completely read each email and attachments and act on each as required when you read them.