How to Set Up an Account in Libguides






Admin level users can add any number of accounts in the system. When adding Regular level users, you'll see extra info in the form, because Regular users can be given additional permissions. In LibGuides, this simply means allowing that user to "Edit All Guides" (without having to add them as a Guide Editor in every. single guide in the system). In LibGuides CMS, there are a whole slew of options to choose from (described below)!
► Go to Admin > Accounts > + Add Account.
► Enter the email address for the user you'd like to create & click Lookup Account.

If that email address is associated with an existing LibApps account, you'll see a message stating that user was found.
If that email address is not associated with an existing LibApps account, you'll be given form fields to fill out.

Additional Steps

► If this is a new user, fill out the rest of the form:
► Password: it is r
ecommended to leave this blank to allow the user to set it themselves. They'll get an email with a link to set their password.
► If you'd like to set a password, add it here. Once you start typing, another field will appear for you to confirm the password. The email the user gets will list the password.

► First & Last Name: Incredibly important if you want the user to show up in any lists! Otherwise they'll be listed as a blank line.

► Choose their Level: See the Accounts Types page for more detail.
► Admins have no additional options to select, since they automatically have access to everything, however
Regular, Contributor, and Editor levels do. Regular level users can have additional account permissions, and in LibGuides CMS, Regular, Contributor, and Editor level users are assigned access roles for Groups.

Add Account Page