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Twenty-two - The weather

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The Weather   天气   

In English, we usually use it is or it's when we talk about the weather.   

It is + weather word is a description of the weather   

  • It is sunny today.   今天晴天   
  • It's hot today.   今天天气好热。

We can also say:
It is a + weather word + day (or morning/afternoon/night)  

  • It's a rainy day.   这是一个下雨天   
  • It's windy today.   今天有风   

It is + weather word+ing = This type of weather is happening now.   

  • It's raining outside.   外面正在下雨。
  • It's snowing.   下雪了  

Questions about the weather - Asking about the weather    询问有关天气的问题   

People ask about the weather by saying: 有关天气的问题   

  • What's it like out?   
  • What's it like outside?   
  • How's the weather? 天气怎么样?
  • What's the temperature?  OR What's the temp?   温度是多少?
  • What's the weather forecast? 天气预报是什么?

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