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Twenty-three - The kitchen

Check out the Kitchen page on this website for written words, audio, and pictures -


The Kitchen   厨房 - en/zh-CN/kitchen


Refrigerator   冰箱 - en/zh-CN/refrigerator

We also use the shorter word “fridge” for “refrigerator” - en/zh-CN/fridge


Freezer   - The freezer is the coldest part of the fridge - en/zh-CN/freezer


Stove   火炉 - en/zh-CN/stove


Oven   烤箱 - en/zh-CN/oven


Microwave oven or Microwave   微波炉   

People also “nuke” (slang 俚语 ), which is a verb meaning to heat in a microwave oven - en/zh-CN/microwave oven - en/zh-CN/microwave


Sink or kitchen sink   厨房水槽 - en/zh-CN/sink - en/zh-CN/Kitchen sink


Dishes (plural, more than one). Dish (singular, only one).   碗碟 - en/zh-CN/dishes - en/zh-CN/dish


Pot   锅 - en/zh-CN/pot


Pan   泛 - en/zh-CN/pan


Frying pan or skillet   煎锅 - en/zh-CN/frying pan - en/zh-CN/skillet


Food processor   食品加工机 - en/zh-CN/food processor