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Hello and Goodbye

Saying hello and goodbye     说你好和再见


Hello     你好

Fei Fei:    Hi, Brad. How are you?      嗨,Brad. 你好吗?

Brad:     Great! How are you, Fei Fei?     高超! 你好吗 Fei Fei?


Goodbye     再见

Brad:      See you later, Fei Fei.

Fei Fei:      Bye-bye, Brad.


Hello (in the morning)

Person #1:     Good morning. How are you?

Person #2:     I’m well. Thank you.


Hello (in the afternoon)

Person #1:    Good afternoon. How are you?

Person #2:    Not bad, thanks. And how are you?



Person #1:    Good-bye. Have a nice day.

Person #2:     Bye-bye. See you tomorrow.


Goodbye (in the evening)

Person #1:   Bye. Have a nice evening.

Person #2:   Thanks. You too.


Goodbye (in the evening/nighttime)

Person #1: Good night.

Person #2:  Good night.