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Twenty-one - Days and months

The 12 months of the year are:     一年的十二个月


The 12 months of the year and their abbreviations -  缩写 - an abbreviation is a shortened 缩短 word of phrase 

January      Jan.

February       Feb.

March       Mar.

April      Apr.

May       May   (May is not abbreviated)

June      June (June is usually not abbreviated)

July        July (July is usually not abbreviated)

August       Aug.

September       Sept.

October       Oct.

November       Nov.

December       Dec.


The seven days of the week and their abbreviations -   

Sunday       Sun. or Su

Monday       Mon. or Mo

Tuesday      Tues. or Tu

Wednesday       Wed. or We    (pronounced wenz day)

Thursday       Thurs. or Th

Friday       Fri. or Fr

Saturday       Sat. or Sa


* * * READ PAGES 201 AND 202 IN THE BOOK * * * 


The calendar for next year - 2018   







Months of the year (the number of days in each month) -  

January (31 days)

February (28 days, 29 days in Leap Year 闰年)

March (31 days)

April (30 days in April)

May (31 days)

June (30 days in June)

July (31 days)

August (31 days)

September (30 days in September)

October (31 days)

November (30 days in November)

December (31 days)


ordinal numbers 序数词 

* * * READ PAGES 59 AND 60 IN THE BOOK * * * 


To practice ordinal 序数词 numbers click on the link below -

ordinal numbers 序数词