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Common words - Part 2 (2 days of lessons)

Common English words


These are some of the most commonly used words in English.


Listen to the audio (click on the speaker icon), say the word out loud a few times, then write the word 3 times in your notebook.
听音频 (点击扬声器图标),大声说出几次,然后在你的笔记本上写这个词。


On the first day, just do the first ten words - New to Sit    在第一天,只要做前十个字 - 新到坐 New to Sit

On the second day do the next eleven words - Speak to Yes 在第二天做下一个十一个字 - Speak to Yes



  • Something just created, something unused or unopened.
  • I bought a new car, my old one wasn’t working well.


Noise     噪声

  • Loud sounds. 
  • There was so much noise at the party, the neighbors called police. 


Often     经常

  • To happen frequently. 
  • My teacher is happy because I often work on my lessons. 



  • Two things that go together. 
  • I like the new pair of shoes my sister bought me for my birthday.



  • To choose or select. 
  • I picked the cupcake with vanilla frosting. 



  • To have fun with someone or engage in an activity or sport. 
  • I like to play football with my brother. 


Room     房间

  • A part of a home, building, office or another structure. 
  • The kitchen is the room where we cook our meals.


See     看到

  • To watch or observe something. 
  • I see dark clouds in the sky, which means it might rain soon.



  • To offer a service or a good for a price.
  • I am going to sell my car because it's time for a new one. 



  • To rest on a floor, chair or other surface. 
  • The teacher told the children to sit at their desks. 


End of the first day's lesson 第一天的课程结束



DAY 2 LESSON    第二天课


Speak     说话

  • To say something.
  • I speak English well, and I am improving every day.


Smile     微笑

  • To grin or show pleasure using your face.
  • She smiles when she sees her little sister.


Sister     妹妹

  • The female child in relation to other children of the same parents.
  • My parents took my sister and me to the circus.


Think     认为

  • To contemplate something or have an idea or belief. 
  • I think all pets should have a home. 


Then     然后

  • Something that comes after an event in a sequence. 
  • I opened the refrigerator. Then, I ate some food. 


Walk     步行

  • To travel by foot. 
  • I walk home from school every day.


Water     水​




  • To put something on paper with a pen or pencil. To use a computer to type text.
  • I have to write three essays in English class this semester. 


Woman     女人

  • A female adult.
  • That woman is our new neighbor. 



  • To answer affirmatively. The opposite of "no."
  • The student said "Yes, I'm here,"  when the teacher called her name.