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Common phrases

Please say each sentence out loud.
Repeat each sentence out loud at least 3 times.

Please write each sentence in your notebook.
Write each sentence at least 2 times.

Are you sure? 
As soon as possible. (ASAP)  尽快。
Call me tomorrow.  明天打电话给我。
Could you speak more slowly?  请您说得慢些好吗?
Come with me.  跟我来。
Congratulations!  恭喜恭喜!
Do you understand?  你明白了吗?
Give me a hand. (It means "Help me")  帮我一下。
Have a good trip.  祝旅途愉快。
Have a nice day.  祝你一天过得愉快。
How are you doing?  你好吗?
I can do it. 我能做。
I can’t believe it.  我简直不能相信。
I can’t wait.  我不能再等了。
I don’t have time.  我没时间。