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I am, you are, etc.

The verb "be" - I am, you are, . . . etc. (etc means 等等)

Verb   动词 - en/zh-CN/verb


The verb "be" (sometimes we say "to be")   是 - en/zh-CN/be


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Singular (one person)
I am . . . 我是
You are . . . 你是
He, she, it is . . . 他是    -    她是     -    它是


Plural (two or more people)
We are . . . 我们是
You are . . . 你们是
They are . . . 他们是

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Singular (one person or thing)

I am Brad. OR I'm Brad.

You are Fei Fei. OR You're Fei Fei.

He is a nice man. ("He" for one man or boy - a male) OR He's a nice man.    他是个好人

She is Dora. ("She" for one woman or girl - a female) OR She's Dora.

It is a nice car. ("It" for a thing or object) OR It's a nice car.   这是一辆漂亮的车。

Plural (more than one)

We are Fei Fei, Dora, and Brad. ("We" for 2 or more.)  We're Fei Fei, Dora, and Brad

You are Fei Fei and Dora. (2 or more) You're Fei Fei and Dora. 

They are nice men. (2 or more men) They're nice men.

They are nice women. (2 or more women) They're nice women.    他们是好女人。

They are nice people. (a man and a woman, or a group of men and women) They're nice people. 他们是好人

They are nice cars. (one or more things) They're nice cars.

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            I am (or I'm)

   - en/zh-CN/I am

            I am happy to meet you.


            You are (or you're)

   - en/zh-CN/You are

            You are a nice person.


            He is (or he's)

   - en/zh-CN/he is

            He is a teacher.


            She is (or she's)

   - en/zh-CN/She is

            She is a good friend.


            It is (or it's)

   - en/zh-CN/it is

            It is a nice day today.


            We are (or we're)

   - en/zh-CN/We are

            We are learning English.


            You are (more the one person, “you people”, “you guys”) (or you're)

   - en/zh-CN/You people are

            You guys are good people.


            They are (or they're)

   - en/zh-CN/they are

            They are eating dinner.