Human Resources Manual




For Timekeepers
This page has information for staff listed as “Timekeepers” in HR Direct.  It contains information on how they can assist employees with time issues like retroactively entering time for employees, making late time adjustments, or help a new employee with their first time entry when they are hired. 


What You Can Do: Assisting Employees to Report Time

For department timekeepers who have access to report time for active employees within your department.

 Having access to report time for employees within a department can be a benefit to the department in troubleshooting or assisting employees in the following ways:
1.       Employee not hired yet:  The timekeeper can hold the timesheets until the employee becomes active and do the time entry as soon as the employee becomes active within HR.
2.       Employee is hired, but does not have access to report time.  Once an employee is hired is takes 2 to 3 days for HR Direct access to be assigned.  Timekeepers can assist the employee with reporting their time for the first pay period while waiting for the employee to be receive both HR Direct access and access to their self-service timesheet.  If the employee is being hired at the tail end of a payroll the timekeeper can make a big difference in whether the employee is paid or not.
3.       Employee failed to report time:   Employees only have access to report time for the current payroll.  If an employee failed to report time in a prior pay period, HR Direct does not allow the employee to go back and report time to the prior pay period. Timekeepers have access to go back and report time for an employee for up to six weeks.
4.       Employee needs to go back into a prior time pay period and make an adjustment to their timesheet:  The timekeeper has access to assist the employee make a late time adjustment.