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How to Use EndNote

Store It

Groups: Create a group for any topic you want, then easily drag and drop references from your library into a group. The same reference can appear in multiple groups and is not duplicated when you do this.

1. Go to Groups in your main file menu
2. Select New Group
3. The group appears on th left menu bar, where you can rename the group by clicking on it once, or right clicking to pull up a list of options. Drag and drop the group name under the appropriate heading on your left menu bar

Group Set: Create a group set to organize multiple related groups. For example, you may make a group set for geology and create sub-groups for glacial and marine underneath the main group set. Do this by selecting "Create Group Set" in the Groups drop down menu. You can rename the group and add sub groups by right clicking the group set and selecting "Create Group".


Smart Groups: Define a search parameter and give this group a name. Your existing references that match the parameters will automatically show up in the group. We call this a Smart Group. Your Smart Groups will instantly update as you add more references to your library that fit your Smart Group’s parameters. To do this select "Create Smart Group" from the Groups drop down menu and begin adding your fields using the drop down menus and the "+" to add a new field.

Combined Groups: From the Groups drop down menu, select Create From Groups. Pick at least two groups and select your Boolean operator of choice. Give this group a name and you’ve created a Combined Group. This group is also a smart group and will update as your component groups change.


You can attach almost any type of file and up to 45 different files to a single reference including images, figures, and PDFs. You can do this several ways. 

1. Select the reference of interest. In the right menu select the paper clip icon, and select "attach PDF"

2. Right click the reference. Select "File Attachments" and then "Attach File..."

Open the PDF Viewer panel and easily make annotations and add sticky notes to your PDF documents. Sticky note comments are searchable using the "Any Field and PDF" and "PDF Notes" options from the Field list. Once you’re done, make sure to sync your library so you can access and edit your notes online, from your iPad or on other desktops.

1. Select your reference that has an attached PDF

2. Open the PDF by either a) double clicking the reference or b) Expanding the PDF viewer on the right by selecting the button to the right of the paper clip.

3. Once the PDF is open select the button with the pencil on the right to begin editing

4. An editor menu will appear where you can add text, high light, underline, strike out, add comments, boxes, circles lines and text boxes. 

You can search for your PDF notes in your search menu at the top of your screen. Select the arrow to change the field to "PDF notes" and search your library for a note.

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