How to use Ebscohost



What is Ebscohost?

EBSCOhost is a powerful online reference system accessible via the Internet. It offers a variety of proprietary full text databases and popular databases from leading information providers. 

EBSCOhost offers customizable basic and advanced searching supported by Boolean logic, natural language, enhanced subject indexing and journal searching. With links from the full record display to related articles by subject, magazine issue or author, users can further explore their topic. In addition, EBSCOhost allows patrons to print, email or download multiple articles.

How do I navigate this guide?

The purpose of this research guide is to get you comfortable with using Ebscohost search engine for researching and organizing your articles, citations, resources, etc. The guide is broken down into the following pages:

Getting Started: Learn how to log in to Ebscohost and create your own account

Search Ebsco: Understand the basics of the Ebscohost search engine to find eBooks and journals

Viewing Results: Understand how to get full text articles and PDF's from your searches. Also learn how to email, share, export, bookmark, etc 

Managing Account: Discover how Ebscohost can help you organize your research with folders and saved searches