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NOTEWORTHY: Megan Lulsdorf

Wilmington Scholar Excels

Megan Lulsdorf

Megan Lulsdorf, a chemistry major and an invited member of the UMass Lowell Commonwealth Honors program, is excelling in all of her academic studies. A 2011 graduate of the Open Bible Academy of Burlington, MA, Megan resides in Wilmington with her family. She spent this past summer working on campus in a chemistry lab running analytical tests on proteins. This was a paid research Co-op position designed to get undergraduates involved in research.

As a member of the Commonwealth Honors
program, Megan will take small-enrollment, 

highly engaging courses both inside and outside her major. "Megan is an outstanding student and we are thrilled to have her in our honors program," said Dr. James Canning, director of the Commonwealth Honors program. "The educators at the Open Bible Academy encourage Megan to embrace and love learning." Megan voluntarily participated in the Honors program's summer reading initiative. She is the founder and Vice President of the student chapter of the American Chemical Society. "We celebrate her academic accomplishments. Good job, Megan."