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Honors College Symposium

The UMass Lowell Honors College Symposium is an optional way for Honors College students to satisfy the H4 honors course requirement. Modeled after Texas Christian University Honors College's Contemporary Reading Symposium, this program is a non-graded, non-credit, competency-based program offered to support progression through the honors course requirements. Students who fully participate satisfy the H4 honors requirement. This option can be particularly helpful to transfer students and others who may be having difficulty completing honors requirements due to scheduling challenges. Up to 25 students per semester may participate. Each symposium consists of four sessions throughout the semester, roughly one per month, and we anticipate that each session would require approximately 20 hours of reading, listening, and/or viewing. At the end, a required critical essay must be submitted two weeks after the last day of final exams.

Responsibilities of the Honors Students

Each student must:

(1) Sign up for the Symposium by going to this link:
(2) Read the assigned texts, view the assigned films, and/or listen to the assigned music/audio files.
(3) Be on time for, fully prepared for, and fully engaged in all four Symposium sessions.
(4) Satisfactorily complete all pre-session assignments.
(5) At the end, the student must submit a final essay that is due two weeks after the last final exam of the semester.

* Failure to fulfill the above requirements in a timely manner will result in the student being dropped from the Symposium and thereby not receiving credit for the H4 honors requirement.

Symposium Sessions for Fall 2018


Session Facilitator Tentative Topic
1 Tim Crain Beethoven:  The Universal Composer by Edmond Morris.
2 Silas Laycock E = M C 2, The World's Most Famous Equation
3 Steven Courtemanche The Orestia (Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, The Eumenides)
4 Deb Finch One Day, All Children: The Unlikely Triumph of Teach for America by Wendy Kopp


Calendar for Spring 2018 Symposium

Here is a tentative calendar for the upcoming Spring 2018 Honors College Symposium.

  Month Day/Date Time Location
Session 1 Discussion September Friday, Sept. 21st 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm O'Leary 300B1
Session 2 Discussion October Friday, October 19th 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm O'Leary 300B1
Session 3 Discussion November Thu or Fri, Nov. 15 or 16 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm O'Leary 300B1
Session 4 Discussion December Friday, December 7th 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm O'Leary 300B1
Final Critical Essay Due January Friday, January 18th 3:00 pm O'Leary 300


Honors Students Participating (Spring 2018)

  1. David Donahue
  2. Nathan Maynard
  3. Nicholas Arcidiacono
  4. Lukas Lazarek
  5. Isabella Dias
  6. Willam Zouzas
  7. Gretchen Herdrich
  8. Fabrizio D'Angelo
  9. Cormac Paterson
  10. Brittany Jansen
  11. Ayshing Eng
  12. Jamie Trimper
  13. Nick Sacco
  14. Christopher Wilson
  15. Duyen Le
  16. Sandra Adome
  17. Alessandra Molinaro
  18. Chiara Lamourine
  19. Jane Dudley