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The Honor College Library: Home

The Honors College Library

The Honors College Library is located in O'Leary 300. The books are free to take, use, and return. No need to check them out. We use the honor system. We encourage all students, faculty, staff, and Honors Friends to stop on by and browse the Honors College library. Maybe something will pique your interest. We have a good variety and the number of books in the library is growing.

We hope to create  serendipitous moments when potential readers walk by and hear a book calling to them.

If you read a book, feel free to sign and date the inside back cover.

Bring reading, full force, into your life. We have plenty of books, we need more readers. Enrich your life.

Come on over and explore! This is your space. It is a place where dreams come true.

The Library

The No Check Out Policy

The Thomas Hardy Collection

About the Books

The books, for the most part, are lightly used books that have been acquired through a variety of means: community library book sales, friends who give them to us, and purchases at local used book stores. 

Each book is backed by $50 donation to the Honors College. In recognition of a $50 donation to the Honors College, the donor's name and/or short memorial is placed  on a sticker which is affixed to the inside front cover of the book.The donated money is never used to acquire the book. Bigger donations will backed addition books. For example, a $250 donation will cause five books to be added to the library.

Some books which have been recently added to our library.

Title Author Type Comment
Under the Greenwood Tree Thomas Hardy Classic We hope to have a full Thomas Hardy collection.
Kira Kira Cynthia Kadohata Young Adult Won the Newbery Medal Award in 2005. We have almost every winner since 1922. 
Steppenwolf Hermann Hesse Classic We now have Hesse's big three: Siddhartha, Demian, and Steppenwolf. 
The Bhagavad Gita Translated by Juan Mascaro   Sanskrit Literature, circa 500 BC.
Thin Air Robert B. Parker Popular Fiction Another Spenser book enters the mix. We seek to have all Spenser books in our midst.