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If you're using the tabbed nav template, the pages will always show as tabs at the top, even if you choose a 2-column layout & use the bottom box to span a box across the whole page.

If you want the pages to show up as buttons on the side, you'll need to switch the guide to the side nav template, which only allows 2 columns (one with the page nav and then a larger one for content), unless you create a custom template to tell it to do otherwise.

You can change the template of a guide by clicking the image icon in the top right menu options on the page and then selecting Guide Navigation Layout. (It might be Guide Page Layout - it's the first option.)

Ah, your system is set to force everyone to use one template vs. being able to choose a template, then. Easily changed!

Go to Admin > Look & Feel > Guide Pages Layout and look at the first section on the page.

Change the selection to "Allow user to choose template" (or similar language) and click Save.

That will allow you to choose either tabbed nav or side nav when creating a guide and allow you to change the template while editing a guide.

library sampler

Colby College--Summon; in Libguides

Wake Forest; ACRL 'best of the year'
"Wake Forest I like about the study rooms and how you can reserve a room for a certain time."

Princeton Best Practice; Brinley paper

Virginia Commonwealth; lovely libguides design

Ithaca College--award winner
"What I like about Ithaca College is at the bottom of their page is their menu.  However what I would like to see is the menu at the top of the page with a drop down on what is in each category.  I also like the floor map that Ithaca College has of their library."


Notre Dame Australia; one generation libguides before Colby

Hampshire EDS

Princeton demo page: check Summon display options

Stanford demo page

Embedding Picassa Slideshow in LibGuides

Possible print collection consultant