History of the United States


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America In Class: lesson plans, webinars and sources for students and teachers.

Digital Historyprimary sources, especially from underrepresented or oppressed groups throughout US history.

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American Historyprimary sources and timelines for each era of American history with important events. 

USHistory.orgtwo textbooks for students to peruse online, covering the span of history from Native American culture to present day.

Wikipedia and biography.com: Neither are considered reputable sites; though they can be quite useful when researching as a starting point to find references and other resources. 

Welcome to the History of the US Research Guide

How do I use this guide?

Welcome: On this welcome page you will find quick links to several websites, each having more specific website links on the General Resources page. There are also two sub pages of this home page. The first, UML History Department introduces faculty, programs of study, important links, etc. The second, Important Research Basics, talks about searching for books, journals and articles that are listed on this guide. This is a very important page in understanding the resources at the library and your key to all thinks research.

General Resources: This page includes sites on by both era and state. Each page has resources for all categories including relevant crash course videos and suggested readings. Crash Course is an educational web series centering on many topics, including US History. There are 48 episodes in the playlist, all hosted by YouTuber and author, John Green. The suggested readings are broken up into three different categories: Of Political ImportanceFrom the Period, and On the Subject. The first section contains political documents, declarations, laws, decisions, speeches, etc. from politically active Americans at the time. From the Period is made up of popular books and other written works from the time period in question. On the Subject lists a number of reputable history books that focus on the particular era or specific events therein. 

Specific Resources: These resources are divided into categories based on everything from topic to topography, and are meant to provide quick and easy access to resources for more narrowly defined projects and research. This section provides information about the history of Lowell, MA, a history of economics in the United States, and information about America's political party.

Important People: These biographies included are critically acclaimed and considered some of the best or most influential biographies about each of America's leaders over the years. This page is broken up into several different categories including presidents, social leaders, politicians, authors, inventors, etc. On each subpage, there exists a variety of resources, media, books, etc. 

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