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Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Honors Thesis/Project Finishers

Congratulations! These honors students completed and presented their Honors Thesis/Honors Project during the Fall 2016  and Spring 17 semesters. They have become UMass Lowell Commonwealth Honors Scholars. Honors Mentors are in most of the photos.

Sean Hays - Mechanical

Mara Tzizik - Sociology

Lindsay Blount - English

Jacob Hulme - Mechanical

Jacqueline Brindle - Nursing (Left)

Olivia Marshall - Nursing

James Keeley - Sound Recording Technology (left)

Kenneth Allen - Mathematics

Charle Barbon - Mechanical

Jacob Boucher - History

Hope Alaimo - Nursing (Middle)

Jackson Flynn

Matthew Feebles - Criminal Justice

Jeremy Inhaber-Courchesne

Amanda Angelo - Nursing

Caitlin Ciccone - Exer. Phys.

Martha Robertson - Music

Erica Elia - Nursing (Right)

Matthew D'Angelo - Mathematics

Katherine Vooys -Nursing