Finalizing Migration from Libguides 1.0 to Libguides 2.0

Description of a Problem Editing a Migrated Asset in a Guide

When I try to adjust a link on my pages, I get a screen which says I can only change the “Custom Description” and “all other features must be changed under “Assets.”
BUT I cannot figure out “Assets.”  I don’t appear to have any access to anything in “Assets”. 
For example, I would like to change the link for the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (on my page of Web Sites you need) to:
instead of the general search screen now shown.   But there is no way for me to do this, I get a “NO” (red circle with line through it) when I try to change the link.
Now, I WANT to be able to change links in my pages if I need to!  I’ve been doing this for a number of years, and you would not believe the number of times I have had to add/change/delete links on my pages “on the fly.”
So can I somehow get access to changing my own links, if I need to?

Response from Valentina Mayz, Springshare

Assets are all pieces of content in the system (please see 
When you first create a new Link, a Book from the Catalog, an RSS Feed, Document/File, etc. and add it to your guide, it is created as an asset in the repository of content and you are the asset's owner. If the link that you want to change was originally created by another user, then that user owns the asset and you will not be able to edit all the fields of it - only an admin or the asset's owner can do that.
If the guide in question was owned by you and those assets created by you as well, you should theoretically be able to edit them, but it sounds like there might be a problem that I'd like to investigate. 
Could you send the URL of the guide page (and note the name of the box that contains the link you need to edit)? Also, please provide the email address associated with the account under which you are logged in when you get this message.

Additional Details from Faculty Owner of Migrated Guide

Well, the pages I need to edit were ALL MINE originally (in libguides 1.00) but now they have been changed to 2.0 and I have no access to changing the links.
The email address for me is<>
The page that needs a change is:
and the box is Web Sites Needed, and link says CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
I suppose my workaround would have to be that I eliminate the “bad” link and create a new link? But I have a LOT of information, it is the whole class syllabus, assignments, explanations, everything!
I really need to be able to access my own links, somehow. And the chemistry professor who teaches with me will ALSO need to access the page and the links. 
Her name is Marina Ruths, and she is supposed to be a joint editor with me on my pages.
I have always found LIbguides very easy to work with, because I could make changes “on the fly.” So I hope you can somehow restore my ability to change the links on my own pages. The only set of pages I am concerned about are the Information Retrieval pages, I don’t care about the other pages that I used to edit.
Thank you for any help you can give me.