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FY19 Fellowships

$1,000 Honors College Student Fellowship Program

An Honors College Student Fellowship is a $1,000 award given to an Honors College Student who focuses on a scholarly project for 100 hours. The student does not work in isolation, but is voluntarily supported by a mentor. Projects vary and may be one of the following six types:

                                                 research,    creativity,    reading,    service-learning,    curating,   or    entrepreneurship.

At the end of the fellowship the student must give a public presentation. Awards are credited to the student's tuition and fee bill as we seek to reduce student debt.  

The Honors College will award 100 FY19 Honores College Student Fellowships.

To learn what fellowships are available, select one of the tabs given above.

We are so very grateful for donors who are sponsoring these FY19 fellowships:

  • Workers' Credit Union Honors College Student Fellowship
  • Cognition Corporation Honors College Student Fellowship
  • Wicks/All State Insurance Group Honors College Student Fellowship
  • Canning Family Endowed Reading Fellowship
  • Babir Singh Sihag Endowed Reading Fellowship
  • Robert J. Lechner Endowed Creativity Fellowship
  • Marina Whittier Research Fellowship
  • Marina Whittier Reading Fellowship
  • Marina Whittier Creativity Fellowship
  • William Watson Jr. Research Fellowship
  • Ed Roberts Space Science Research Fellowship
  • George Keller Hart Research Fellowship
  • George Keller Hart Thoreau Reading Fellowship
  • Joseph M. Vayda Research Fellowship
  • Dotty and Paul Burstein Research Fellowship
  • Dotty and Paul Burstein Nuclear Physics Research Fellowship
  • R. Eugene Mellican Reading Fellowship
  • Jim and Carol Canning Creative Writing Fellowship
  • Claire Chamberlain Honors College Student Fellowship
  • Deborah Finch Student Innovation Fellowship

Applying for FY19 Honors College Student Fellowships

The Honors College is now accepting applications for Honors College Student Fellowships for 100 hours of scholarly activity performed anytime between  July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019 (FY19). A student may apply for more than one fellowship. However, it is not likely that a single student will receive more than one fellowship in a given year. We recommend that students submit their application as soon as possible.

Through these student fellowships, the Honors College wishes to cultivate academic relationships that bring undergraduate students and faculty together. Perhaps an honors fellowship will grow into a full Honors Project?

To apply, the applicant must complete two separate steps:

Step 1: Apply online through Academic Works at between February 1, 2018 and October 31, 2018. To complete this step you must accomplish two sub-steps. They are:

           (a) complete the General Application within Academic Works and

           (b)  click on "apply" when the Honors Scholarhip Endowment opportunity is recommended and follow the instructions.

Step 2: By navigating the TABs on this website, identify one or more fellowships you are interested in. For each fellowship, print out a paper copy of this  FY19 Honors College Fellowship Application. fill it out, and slide it beneath Jim Canning's office door (O'Leary 302).

To apply for FY19 Honors College Fellowships after October 31st, follow Step 2 only.

Purpose of the Honors College Student Fellowships

When the Honors College reviews applications for its Student Fellowships it determines if the proposed student fellowship satisfies at least one of these two goals:

  • The primary goal of an Honors College Student Fellowship is to foster an Honors Student/Honors Mentor academic relationship while the student fellow engages with single topic for 100 hours. The Honors Mentor should provide regular support and guidance through weekly meetings and email interactions. It is hoped that this joint pursuit of knowledge and scholarship will continue after the fellowship is over and grow into the student's Honors Project or Honors Thesis. When the Honors College reviews a fellowship application, it asks itself: What is the likelihood that this fellowship could turn into a full blown Honors Project or Honors Thesis?
  • The second goal is to encourage academic breadth. Students often have difficulty seeing beyond their own major. When the Honors College reviews a fellowship application, it asks itself: How does this fellowship academically broaden the student? For example, in the past we have had engineering majors read Plato and business majors read Toni Morrison. We would like sociology and english majors to gain an understanding of the work of Faraday, Lavoisier, or Fourier. We would like computer science or mathematics majors to know of all Beethoven's symphonies or perhaps read a single author closely or better understand the writings of Locke, Thucydides, or Machiavelli. It would be a marvelous experience for an economics major to read all seven of Aeschylus's plays that have survived from antiquity.

Thank You FY18 Honors College Donors

Our #1 fundraising priority is to raise enough money to award one-hundred  $1,000 Honors College Fellowships during the FY19 fiscal year (July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019). Every donated dollar is 100% matched by a program we have in place and the entire amount is given to an honors student who will dedicate themselves to a scholarly endeavor for one hundred hours.  

We thank all Honors College donors. Your support of our students is special to us.

We recognize our FY18 Honors College Leadership Donors (donations that are $1,000 or more) here:

Cognition Corporation
Learning by Giving Foundation
Balbir Singh Sihag
Marina and Larry Whittier
Jim and Carol Canning
Toby Hodes
Sandhya Balasubramanian and Ramaswamy Nagarajan
​The Lechner Family
Deborah Finch
William Watson Jr.
Ed Roberts
George Hart
Michael Vayda