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$1,200 Honors College Student Fellowships (Updated August 2018)

$1,200 Honors College Student Fellowship is a grant given to a Commonwealth Honors student for pre-approved scholarly engagement that is overseen and guided by a mentor. Fellowships are awarded for research, creativity, theme-based reading, author-based reading, community engagement, curating, or entrepreneurial projects. Each fellowship must have a reading component, a writing component, and a speaking component. 

Money is credited to a student’s tuition and fee bill. Half of this award ($600) is given at the start of the fellowship while the second $600 is released when the fellowship is satisfactorily completed.


Applying for An Honors College Student Fellowship

To apply, the applicant must complete two separate steps:

Step 1: Apply online through Academic Works at between February 1, 2018 and October 31, 2018. To complete this step you must accomplish two sub-steps. They are:

           (a) complete the General Application within Academic Works and

           (b)  click on "apply" when the Honors Scholarship Endowment opportunity is recommended and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Using the editable Microsoft Word document given below, create and submit a paper copy of a Fellowship Proposal

Your proposal should be neatly stapled. To submit the paper proposal you must slide it beneath Jim Canning's office door (O'Leary 302).

To apply for an Honors College Student Fellowship after October 31st, follow Step 2 only.

Note 1: We encourage honors students to find a mentor who will work with them to define a suitable activity of mutual interest. Together, a student and a mentor will agree upon their own body of work to be investigated. Ideas for possible fellowships and possible mentors are given in the tabs above. You are not limited by this list.  If, for whatever reason, you cannot find a mentor, indicate that on the application as requested and still pass it in. The Honors College cannot guarantee we will find a mentor for you, but we will know that you exist and we will try to help you.

Note 2:  A student may apply for more than one fellowship. However, it is not likely that a single student will receive more than one fellowship in a given year. We recommend that students submit their application as soon as possible. Applications are processed on a rolling basis until funding is exhausted.