The Engaged Citizens Toolkit (FAHS 2300) Instructor Resources

Syllabus, FAHS.2300 Draft Syllabus, 7-2017

Places to Look


women textile makers, India

Image courtesy of Marketplace Handwork of India



In a vast, complex, and troubled world it can be challenging for ordinary citizens around the globe to find the levers of change. Social, environmental, health, and economic problems do not respect disciplinary or national boundaries and require special strategies. At the same time, there are countless examples of engaged citizens making constructive change in the US and around the world.

In this course, students will develop a basic knowledge of some fundamental skills for identifying, designing, and implementing positive interventions. With discussion, hands-on exercises, reading, teamwork, and a term project, students will begin to build themselves a toolkit for lifelong engaged citizenship.


Students who take this course will develop a basic level of facility with the following skills:

  • Identifying the different ways in which particular academic disciplines shed light on complex contemporary problems
  • Using design thinking and other thinking skills to identify, frame, and devise approaches to solving important problems
  • Learning to think systemically about complex problems
  • How to be a member of an effective team, avoiding common problems
  • Developing and presenting, with others, a significant project that addresses an important contemporary issue