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Tips for Library Research and Literature Review

This guide contains the following useful tips for completing some of the requirements of Professor Newton's course:

  • Using the UMass Lowell library website to find full text journal articles
  • Navigating databases to complete a literature review 
  • Linking from Google scholar to full text articles
  • Accurate APA citations from Google Scholar
  • Creating a reference list in APA format

Understanding and Using Search Strategies

Searching any database can be more effective by understanding and using a few basic search strategies. Databases vary in the way you have to type in these strategies, so be sure to either check out the database help screens or ask a reference librarian.

  • Know the difference between subject vs. keyword searching.
  • Know what truncation is and how to use it to expand your search.
  • Know how to use  AND, OR, NOT to increase, decrease or have more precise results.
  • Know how to use the advanced search options to group similar search terms.
  • Know how to do field specific searching to make your search more precise.

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  • Depth of Indexing
  • Times Cited
  • Journal Impact
  • Alt-metrics
  • Coordinated (subject terms) and Post-coordinated (natural language) Searching