Databases: Earth and Environmental Science

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Where do I start my research?

Just starting your research and not sure where to begin? This Beginning Research LibGuide, offers information on databases, interlibrary loans, plagiarism, citation and other online resources. 
A database is a collection of information on a website organized so you conduct a search (by keyword, title, author, etc). The UML Library provides free access to a multitude of databases for students which have sources that include journal articles, books, conference papers, maps, government reports, etc.
It's a good place to start to look for articles, books, etc. Especially peer-reviewed articles from academic journals (for example, Andean Geology or Lithos). To clarify, a database can be used to search for journals, which contain peer-reviewed articles, vital to references when writing a thesis or doing research.
Some databases provide full-text and some don't.  If the database you're searching doesn't include full-text, use: 

Geology databases

The main search box on the UML Library Home Page is the best place to start when exploring a topic.

Several other options to find specialized articles include the following databases and websites: