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The Town & the City: Lowell Before The Civil War


Town of Lowell 1826 to 1836


The town of Lowell, as incorporated by an act of the legislature, passed on the first day of March, 1826, contained four square miles, and was formerly the northeastern section of the town of Chelmsford. The legislature, in 1834, annexed Belvidere village, the westerly corner of Tewksbury to Lowell. This annexation extends the territory of Lowell to nearly five square miles. The population of Lowell in 1820 was about 2,000; in 1828, 3,532 ; in 1830, 6,477; in 1832, 10,254; in 1833, 12,363. In 1837, it was 18,010. . . .

An Act to Incorporate the Town of Lowell

Lowell became an incorporated city in February, 1836, by an act of the general court, accepted by a vote of the people April 11.

-from Historical collections relating to the history and antiquities of every town in Massachusetts with geographical descriptions by John Warner Barber, 1848

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Doc# 1826_01 to 1831_066

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