Davis Education Foundation Project Management



DEF Project Management: What We Can Do
As a Library project we need to plan, implement and complete the Davis Educational Foundation pilot program to result in the transformation of the UML libraries. This Coordinating Libguide will help us develop the most effective 21st century university library: a library serving student success and faculty scholarship above all else.

How We Can Do It

►  Develop a comprehensive, updated, sequenced list of library projects and programs according to their priority, their resource needs, and enabling steps
►  Share a project and program weekly schedule of activities
►  Identify and interview stakeholders within the library and university in order to specify project and program objectives in detail
►  Capture these objectives in a project management (PM) software application
►  Interview stakeholders to specify necessary steps, resources and contingencies needed to accomplish each objective
►  Publish the project management overview to a shared web site
►  On a weekly basis, update the status of each library project, noting milestones and contingencies
►  On an ongoing basis, monitor resource use and upcoming or missed deadlines for each project
►  On a monthly basis, update the status of library programs by summarizing results achieved for specific library projects
►  Invite stakeholders to meet on a regular basis to review project and program status
►  Distribute an agenda ahead of meetings
Record and share notes and action steps from meetings
Organize training sessions to help the staff and the community develop skills needed to complete specific project steps
Record sessions as appropriate, for wider distribution
Monitor resource use, primarily labor time
Report on resource balances, and on overall progress toward completion
Facilitate web- and email-based outreach to stakeholders and the wider community
► Present project and program updates to university and community audiences
► Publicly celebrate project milestones and completions