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Hi Meg,
Thanks very much. I am impressed and very appreciative of all the work that has been with creating and designing the the libguides for my two classes, CRIM 3870 and CRIM 3880. I do have some reservations about the selected books but we can discuss more at our meeting next month.
Thanks and best wishes, 
Cathy A. Levey, Ph.D.
University of Massachusetts at Lowell
School of Criminology and Justice Studies
Health and Social Sciences Building (HSSB)
113 Wilder Street- Room 441
Lowell, MA 01854-3060
tel.  978-934-4129
fax. 978-934-3077
Tue 5/23/2017 8:51 AM
Dear Alyssa,
Thank you so much for all the work that you have done so far developing the Libguides and using Open Source materials for my two classes, CRIM 3870 & CRIM 3880, Criminal Mind & Behavior and Forensic Psychopathology. I was very impressed by all the work that you did on this project. I look forward to our continued collaboration and would like to meet with you again if possible. If you do not mind, kindly extend my thanks to Zac for attending the meeting too.


Thanks and best wishes,




Cathy A. Levey, Ph.D.

University of Massachusetts at Lowell
School of Criminology and Justice Studies
Health and Social Sciences Building (HSSB)
113 Wilder Street- Room 
 By the way, Alyssa Soucy, has been very helpful to me with my Forensic Psychopathology & Criminal Mind & Behavior courses this summer. Kudos to her for her diligence and patience.
I hope that you are enjoying the last weeks of summer!
Best wishes,
Cathy (Cell: 860-933-5700)
Cathy A. Levey, Ph.D.
University of Massachusetts at Lowell
School of Criminology and Justice Studies
Health and Social Sciences Building (HSSB)
Dr. Michelle Scribner-MacLean
STEM Education
UMass Lowell Graduate School of Education
On 4/5/17, 4:29 PM, "ScribnerMaclean, Michelle" <Michelle_ScribnerMaclean@uml.edu> wrote:
 Hi, George,
 I wanted to keep you up to date on our progress because I know from the Academic Tech Committee how much you like to share :)
 I was matched with librarian extraordinaire, Veronica.
 I sent her the basic ideas for my LibGuide, along with some photos from my undergrad STEM course, Project-Based Instruction, and below is the result (work in progress).
 She was able to “plus” a lot of the areas by providing journal descriptions, ways to access journals, etc.
 I’m thrilled. She’s been amazing.
Also, I presented it to my colleagues in the new online EdD program (we share courses under development) and jaws were on the floor.  At the very least, we’ll be using this for our STEM students. We will likely create something similar.
 Thanks so much for sharing this idea and for supporting our work by partnering me with someone so helpful and smart as Veronica.  I hope to meet her in person someday :)

From Judith Davidson
Ph.D.Associate Professor, Research and Evaluation in Education​

Tuesday, February 07, 2017 

After I began to think about what I would say, I realized that my view of Learning Force is being constructed through practice, that is, it is emerging from interaction.  Here are some metaphors I would use:
 Supplementary Materials:
When I started to work with Veronica on creating the LibGuide for the Understanding Education class, I was thinking of it simply as a supplement to the textbook.  Something that would look good/attractive to students and that would be easy for them to access.  However as I used it and saw how they reacted to the materials I realized that there was more to it than that.  There was a useful tension between the textbook and the materials in the LibGuide.  It also seemed to be helpful that the LibGuide materials were in different media.  Students liked mixing media as they learned. 
Loosely Structured Textbook:
Now I am working on a more ambitious project for Learning Force with Meg Shields—a LibGuide that will serve as a kind of qualitative research textbook that can be used with a variety of classes who need access to basic information about techniques.  Because of my earlier experience I am already approaching it differently. I am much less worried about finding the perfect material, realizing that this doesn’t exist,, but that there are a lot of good materials.  Moreover, not all good materials are created by the scholars with the most letters behind their names.  Sometimes excellent materials are to be found in student assignments that have been posted online.  I am being more eclectic as I select materials and that creates a richer mix. 
New Loops of Reflexivity:
I find myself using a “LibGuide” mentality as a way to think with traditional assignments I am developing for my classes.  I add a list of different online sources to the assignment list.  I also let students choose which they would like to explore.  Total coverage is no longer the goal. 
I am also urging students to find materials online on the topics we are studying, hoping they will come up with something new and different to include in a collection of items on a topic. 
Better than Blackboard—More and Less than an LMS:
I like the public availability to Learning Force that is missing in Blackboard.  I also like the fact that it doesn’t have too many tools.
I would call this a curation tool.  It allows me to curate content.  I can make it available to whoever needs or wants it, and I can change it as I see fit. 
I hope these responses are helpful.  Judy


On 4/14/17, 2:08 PM, "Mitchell, Keith" <Keith_Mitchell@uml.edu> wrote:
 Hi George,
Thank you guys so much! Your suggestions for making my classes more user friendly for my students has made a very big difference in the way I teach.

On 4/14/17, 3:08 PM, "Hansen, Christopher J" <Christopher_Hansen@uml.edu> wrote:


Thanks for all the assistance and support of the effort. I certainly think that this emphasizes the daily relevance of the library to a large fraction of the student body. I just hope that more faculty jump on board!


Fri 5/19, 10:44 AM
Action Items
Hi Zach,
I love it just at the first glance.
When can I put the slide or class material if I plan to?
Thank you.
On Jul 5, 2017, at 11:34 AM, Segars, Mary <msegars@lesley.edu> wrote:


HI Sara, 
This library guide is great. Thanks so much for creating it! 
I was told when I first started teaching the class that I do not have blackboard, is that true? I also teach at Lesley and I have blackboard there, so I am very familiar with it and would like to use it for my Navitas class. 
Let me know, and thank you! 
From: Agar, Ertan
Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 4:45:24 PM
To: Rodriguez1, Veronica N
Cc: Hart, George; Karabatsos, Lewis T
Subject: Re: Open Textbooks
Hi Veronica, 
Thank you so much for your help. It’s very impressive that you guys solved the problem very quickly. I appreciate it. 
Attached you can find my syllabus. Please let me know if I can provide any firth information. 
Thanks again, 
From: "Salacinski, Amanda J" <Amanda_Salacinski@uml.edu>
Date: September 21, 2017 at 8:12:50 PM EDT
To: "Rodriguez1, Veronica N" <Veronica_Rodriguez1@uml.edu>, "Marks, Sara R" <Sara_Marks@uml.edu>
Subject: Re: Exercise Physiology libguide
I met with JoAnn today, and we reviewed the libguide. JoAnn thought the content was great! I absolutely loved it.
Thank you so very much for working on this.  I have cc’ed Sara on this because she is whom I had first reached out to. Great job and I really appreciate. This will especially be perfect for me since I will be at a conference during the days the students will have to look at this so the assignment is perfect for me to count as their attendance.
I will keep you updated on the student feedback I get from this assignment.
Thank you very much.
From: "Rodriguez1, Veronica N" <Veronica_Rodriguez1@uml.edu>
Date: Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 4:40 PM
To: "Salacinski, Amanda J" <Amanda_Salacinski@uml.edu>
Subject: Re: Exercise Physiology libguide
No problem! Just let me know if I can help in any way �
Verónica N. Rodríguez
LearningForce Team Leader
UMASS Lowell  - O'Leary Library

Yesterday, 6:51 PM
Thank you very much to everyone for putting the work into this! It's a great resource for the class and is going to open up several possibilities in and out of the classroom for me. 
Julian Zabalbeascoa, Visiting Professor
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Honors College
O'Leary 333B
South Campus
61 Wilder Street
Lowell, MA 01854
From: Backer, Sara
Sent: Monday, October 23, 2017 5:42 PM
To: Hart, George; Zachary Najarian-Najafi
Cc: Sullivan, Shaun; Beaudry, Celine; Rodriguez1, Veronica N
Subject: Re: FW: O'Leary Reserves
Wow! Thanks for the lightning-fast completion of this request.
With much appreciation,
The library guide has been really helpful for my students this semester. Is it possible for you to save all these Norton excerpts for my classes in Fall 2018?
Thanks for all your good work.
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