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From Alyssa Soucy, 2/8/17

We hope to make these guides as expansive as possible. If you have any additional resources, links, etc. that you would like me to add to the guide I can go ahead and do that.
I also want to draw your attention to another component of this LearningForce project as I am not sure how much Mary told you
In addition to uploading your syllabus and other course information, we can also take some of the administrative burden off you by helping you better manage direct communication and reminders for your class. Here's how: the LearningForce initiative utilizes an application called "Remind" to send push notifications, text messages or emails to your students who opt-in to the process. We can set it all for you so that it will allow you to:
  • Send reminders to students about starting papers, reviewing materials, signing up for projects, and even seeking additional help. 
  • Share attachments and links to learning tools, like reference Libguides, writing standards, and even bibliographic instruction. 
  • Communicate regularly with students either through one-way notifications or two-week capabilities, allowing both the you and students to communicate without sharing private telephone numbers. 
There's not any work on your part. Here's all have to do:
  1. Let us know you are interested in an communications component 
  2. Identify what types of communications you need and want
  3. We will create a draft communication plan based on your guidance
  4. You review it and approve or makes change
  5. We finalize it and set it up
Let me know if you have any questions. If you'd like to lern more on your own, you can access http://libguides.uml.edu/remind/
If you have any questions/suggestions about anything please let me know.