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Additional Guides

Course Title URL Faculty or Gateway? Need Resources?
76.Psych 2690, Research 1 Basics http://libguides.uml.edu/PSYC2690-Arcus Doreen Arcus Yes
77.NUTRI 2050, Introduction to Nutritional Services http://libguides.uml.edu/NUTR2050-201-Keyes Mary Kate Keyes Yes
 78.Lighting Principles
DGMD 3400
http://libguides.uml.edu/dgmd3400 Wael Kamal
79.Navitas 501 Navingating Your Pathway to Success http://libguides.uml.edu/NC101-Weed Kelli Weed
80.Academic English http://libguides.uml.edu/NONC3500-Emelock Rachel Emlock
81.NAV 504 Academic Communication http://libguides.uml.edu/NAV504-Halepis Marie Halepsis
82.NC PMP 501
Navigating Your pathway to Succcess
http://libguides.uml.edu/navitas501 Mary Segars
83.Intensive English
NV 350
http://libguides.uml.edu/intensive_english Rachel Emelock
85.Intro to Research NONC 5030 http://libguides.uml.edu/NONC5030-Times Brenda Times