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Guides 44-60

Course Title and # URL Faculty or Gateway? Need Resources?
44.Modern Latin America (HIST 2120) http://libguides.uml.edu/modernlatinamerica Lisa Edwards
45. Introduction to Politics and Sports
POLI 2180 201
http://libguides.uml.edu/poli2180 Gerson
46. Introduction to Nutritional Science http://libguides.uml.edu/NUTR2050-201-Keyes Mary Kate Keyes
47. HSCI 308Global Health  http://libguides.uml.edu/HSCI308 Ramraj Gautam  Veronica

48.Genocide/History for Teachers EDUC 5120

http://libguides.uml.edu/genocides  Pat Fontaine Alyssa/Meg

49.ENGL3410 Mid-Century American Film

http://libguides.uml.edu/ENGL3410-Millner Mike Millner

50.ENGL2820 America Vista Writings from First Contact to Present (American Literary Traditions)

http://libguides.uml.edu/ENGL2820-Millner Millner

51.NC545 Foundations of Communications

http://libguides.uml.edu/NC545-Brennan/overview Matthew Brennan Can not locate syllabus
52.Introduction to Psych
PSYCH 1010
http://libguides.uml.edu/psyckinney Dennis Kinney
53. College Writing II,
ENGL 1020
http://libguides.uml.edu/ENG1020-302-Hersey Thomas Hersey
54. Applied Developmental Psychology/ PSYCH5010 http://libguides.uml.edu/psych5010 Allyssa McCabe
Writing About Women
http://libguides.uml.edu/ENGL3280 Jenna Vinson
56.Introduction to Research Design & Methods http://libguides.uml.edu/ed_researchdesign​ Xiaxiao Newton Sara/Verónica

57. Economics 2010

http://libguides.uml.edu/ECON2010-Lazonick W. Lazonick
58. Special Topics in Economic Research http://libguides.uml.edu/econresearch W.Lazonick