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Libguides 15-30

Course Title and # URL Faculty or Gateway? Need Resources?
15. MATH 2830, Intro to Statistics http://libguides.uml.edu/MATH2830 Gateway Yes*
17. PHYSICS I lab http://libguides.uml.edu/PHYS1410L Shell Yes
18. Business Info Systems
MIST 2010
http://libguides.uml.edu/MIST2010 Yes*
Qualitative Research Methods
http://libguides.uml.edu/EDUC7040 Judith Davidson
(Bridget's redo of L. Blount's guide)
20.Introduction to American Politics, POLI 1010

Mona Kleinberg

21.ENGR 2050, Statics http://libguides.uml.edu/ENGN2050-Sullivan Daniel Sullivan No*
22. Advanced Seminar on Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism
Bryan Bettey No*
23.MKTG2010, Marketing  Principles http://libguides.uml.edu/MKTG2010-Barrett Dan Barrett Yes (need final schedule with dates)

24.Science and Technology in the Impoverished World
PHYS 3160



Robert Giles No
25.Selected authors: Spenser and Milton


Katie Shreives No
26.British Politics POLI 3590 http://libguides.uml.edu/POLI3590 John Wooding

27.Accounting and Management
ACCT 2020

http://libguides.uml.edu/ACCT2020-Shell Gateway Yes
28.Math 1220
Management Calculus
http://libguides.uml.edu/MATH1220 Gateway Yes