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Process for Integrating Open Text Research


1. Lew assigns team leader to the request

2. Team leader/designee creates libguide but does not contact/send it to faculty member

3. Team leader sends it to Meg Shields for a) review/editing and b) forwarding to librarians and/or team leaders for research

4. Librarians and/or team leader send research findings back to Meg for review

5. Meg forwards research info and edited libguide back to team leader and George

6. George reviews and approves research content and any library purchases

7. Upon approval from George, team leader sends completed libguide and research links to faculty member (with a cc: to Mehmed Ali)

Weekend Librarian Contact Information


Kristen Splaine.       Kristen.Joyce@gmail.com
Linda Ernick.            Lernick@yahoo.com
Dennis Berthiaume.  Dennis_Berthiaume@uml.edu

OER Research Process

Two Processes re: OER Research

I. Open Educational Resources (OERs)  -- Process for Researching and Working with Faculty

Once a team leader identifies OERs for faculty, he/she will create a word/excel doc listing. He/she will not imbed the info in the respective libguide.  Once compiled, the team leader will:

  • send the list of OERs to the faculty for review, additions, deletions, etc. (cc: to Sara Marks)
  • wait two weeks for a response from faculty
  • If faculty has comments; team leader will revise list, upload into the libguide and send to faculty
  • If faculty has not responded:
    • team leader will send a reminder to faculty (cc: to Sara) and wait a week
    • if no response after a week; team leader will request Sara to contact faculty directly.
    • Sara contacts faculty and waits a week.
    • If no response after  a week, Sara notifies team leader who sends the libguide without any OER info with offer to populate the libguide with OER resources once faculty determines appropriate resources based on previously sent OER list


II. Open Educational Resources (OERs)  -- Process for Working with George Hart on OER Research

At times, a team leader may have "hit a wall" and have difficulty finding resources for a particular subject area. When that happens the team leader will contact George Hart, UML Librarian,  for assistance with the search.