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Faculty Inquiries

From: Galizzi, Monica
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2017 12:06:22 PM
To: Ali, Mehmed
Subject: Open Textbooks
Dear Mehmed,
I am writing to ask whether you could help me exploring options I could use for my upper level Labor Economics class next fall?
I would like to discuss the three tracks listed herehttp://libguides.uml.edu/opentexttracks/home to decide whether one of those could work for me.
Please let me know when you may  be available  or how to proceed.
Thank you
Monica Galizzi
Monica Galizzi, Chair
Professor of Economics
Senior Faculty Associate, Center for Women & Work
Department of Economics
University of Massachusetts Lowell
1 University Ave.
Lowell, MA 01854-2881
phone: 978-934-2790
fax: 978-934-3071
e-mail: Monica_Galizzi@uml.edu


From Deborah Finch

Sent Dec. 11, 2016
I am interested in finding out more about how the library can help us reduce textbooks costs for students.  Currently, the Business 101, BUSI.1500 has 16 sections, close to 260 students.  We are using Exploring Business Version 2.1 from Flatworld Knowledge.  It is an inexpensive text, $25 as an ebook, which is all I ask students to purchase for a textbook, but we are also using We Are Market Basket By Grant Whelker and Daniel Korschun, along with an online simulation, BizCafe.  Those last two add another $45 to the cost of the materials for the class.  The first two, the students can share, if they have a friend who is also in the class, but that doesn’t help overall.
 I’d like to see if we could find something comparable.  I will say, FlatWorld and BizCafe(Interpretive.com) both provide outstanding teacher support, lecture notes, ppts, tests, and quizzes, so I would not want to have to re-create all of that.  However, I’m wondering if it is possible for the library to provide support for the Exploring Business textbook.