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Sara Mark's Checklist for student teams, 2/8/17

Learning Force Research Section Checklist
1)          Which databases get included: Article Quick Search, subject specific ones, videos, WorldCat?
2)          Are there video demos already made for these databases?
3)          If not, can Sara make one?
4)          What research skills do students need to know: identifying peer review articles, evaluating webpages, or something else?
5)          Are there videos already made to teach these skills?
6)          If not, can Sara make one?
7)          What library information do they need to know about: Interlibrary loan, printing, off campus access, etc?
8)          Are there videos already made to explain these tools?
9)          If not, can Sara make one?
10)      What citation style do students need to use?
11)      Is there a guide already about this style?
12)      If not, can we make one?
13)      Are there videos explaining citations from databases?
14)      Include FAQs (from LibAnswers) related to class and assignment
15)      Which librarian should students contact for help? 


Example of Library/Faculty Collaboration Respecting Libguide Contents

Mehmed and I had a really good meeting with Mona Kleinberg this morning (3/9/17), and we made some huge leaps forward.  We are going to meet with her again in 2 weeks.  I am going to do my best to recap and let you know what we want to do moving forward.  This meeting focused on the Intro to American Politics class.  She is offering a condensed version of the class this summer so we have time to get ready.  We don’t need to roll out all these ideas for the summer.

Research content:
- Mona is going to send the assignment details to me
- I am going to work with one of the team leaders to add that section.
- I am going to make some contextual videos about dealing with bias when researching politics
- I am going to make a video explaining data literacy in relation to polls and statistics
- We are going to add citation help for APA and MLA (she has no preference, but wants consistency from the students)
- We are going to find topic pages from our reference tools (Credo, Opposing viewpoints in Context, etc) to go with her themes bellow.

Open Text
- She has some themes for the class: the Constitution (the actual document), civil liberties, polling and data, policies and policy debate, and the government (President and Congress).  When we look for material these are the themes we should focus on
- She is going to send us a better list of themes and will have that for the next meeting.  
- She wants more primary documents than things that put items in context.  She wants the students to learn how to remove their own biases and preconceived ideas about politics so less context is better.
- She is open to finding Open Access text books and maybe even creating her own eventually.  Mehmed felt confident he has seen one for a similar class already.
- When we find text books, the best ones for her are those that are non-partisan.  She has noticed her current one is very liberal and students have complained.

- She would like to add some anonymous polls to her guide
- She is interested in having a LibGuides account and to collaborate with us on the guide.
- She is going to consider adding her PPT slideshows to Brainshark even if just the slides
- She would like us to add more writing help to the guide.  This is something to talk to the Writing Center about this summer too.
- She would like to be able to add the guide to Blackboard

I pitched the SMS content, but didn’t get any response about it.  I think this is plenty to work with for the summer and beyond.  Mehmed, feel free to add in anything I forgot.

Sara Marks
Instruction & Outreach Librarian
UMass Lowell - O'Leary Library Rm. 260A


Using a Checklist When Creating Libguides

For the Davis project, use the LearningForce Service Menu. Include the items below, plus new items as they arise.  
 ___e-reserve reading packets
___open textbooks
___recorded pre-lectures or lectures
___library database tutorials
___research tutorials
___academic skills tutorials
___open educational resources
___software tutorials
___assignment guides
___programmed reminders
___embedded media
___ice-breaker or group-assignment videos
___option for Libguide to drop down into Blackboard
___icon on vLabs start page for enrolled students
___options for program-wide sharing


System Integration Checklist

Another checklist could cover system integration:
 ___option for Libguide to drop down into Blackboard
___icon on vLabs start page for enrolled students
___options for program-wide sharing