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Link to ADA Requirements and Implementation

To read about the Library's process for complying with the American's with Disabilities Act, please see this guide.

Bringing Libguides in to ADA Compliance

 List of courses that include students with disabilities
Sara has crossed checked them against our current tracking sheet to determine which ones we should make compliant, if possible, at the outset. The list is below.  As discussed at the meeting, we should ensure these courses are as compliant as possible. Would each of you work with Bridget to determine what we can do for hearing and vision disability compliance? 
Course Name Course Number Team Leader
College Writing II ENGL2010 Zach
Anatomy & Physiology II HSCI1020 Zach
Human A&P Lab !! HSCI1040 Zach
Introduction to Statistics MATH2830 Zach
Child & Adolescent Development PSYC2600 Veronica
Accounting Managerial ACCT2020 Alyssa and Zach(?)  -- we have two with the same # one one Alyssa is working on and one Zach has a shell for -- are they the same?
Chemistry II
Chemistry II Lab
CHEM1220 (two sections)

Content Accessibility

The implementation of the Davis Educational foundation Grant LearningForce Pilot program is being implemented with awareness of the specific needs of students of differing modes of learning. Please click to see the LearningForce goals for accommodating universal student needs.