Chemistry.1230L: Chemistry I Lab - Hartman

General Policies

All course policies for course (course and section #'s) Chemistry Laboratory 1 are described in these notes. Students are expected to be familiar with these policies. Your Laboratory Instructor does not have the right to modify or grant exceptions to the policies outlined in these notes. Students are bound by the policies outlined in these notes. In the event of any dispute between a student and an instructor, please consult with J. Hall (OH 214) for clarification.




  • Attendance is required at all scheduled class meetings. You are expected to attend every laboratory session. There is no “makeup” day.
  • Students are expected also to arrive for the laboratory period on time: students who arrive for lab after the pre-lab presentation may be penalized at the Instructor's discretion.
  • Students may attend only the section for which they are registered.
  • Students may only add or drop a section by filing the ap­propriate forms or processing their request online.

If you are absent from a scheduled laboratory period, you will receive a grade of zero for that day's work. In calculating your final grade for this course, one grade will be dropped. If you have a grade of zero due to an absence, it is that grade that will be dropped (otherwise, your lowest grade will be dropped). Any additional absences will receive a grade of zero, and these grades will be counted toward your final grade for the course overall.  Late reports may receive a grade of zero, and no makeup is permitted.  Your grade is based primarily on your lab report, so failure to turn in a lab report, or turning in a lab report late, will result in a heavy penalty. If you miss more than three laboratory classes, you may be required to repeat the course.

If you know in advance that you must miss a class (such as for a University-sponsored athletic event, National Guard duty, court appearance, jury duty, doctor/dentist appointment, etc.) see Mr. Hall one week before the absence so that an alternative arrangement can be made. It may be possible for you to perform the experiment in advance of your regular section if space and time permits. This option may only be used once during the semester. 

Things such as Doctor/Dentist appointments should be scheduled for outside of class times.  Travel arrangements for holidays or vacations should not  be allowed to interfere with your class attendance.

Preparing for Lab Sessions

Before Class: How to Prepare for Lab
It is your responsibility to read over thoroughly the lab procedure to be performed. You should also make cross-reference to the appropriate sections of your textbook. In this way you will benefit from the pre-lab presentations, and will know which questions to ask before performing the experiment.

Your instructor will be assigning a grade based on your degree of preparedness and your general performance in lab. In addition, instructors may give an unannounced quiz on the day's experiment (such quizzes will form part of the Instructor's evaluation of your overall performance).

Video Pre-Lab Presentations/Tardiness

At the start of each laboratory period, you will be shown a 10-15 minute video presentation about the experiment you will be performing. Your lab Instructor will then supplement and complement the video presentation with additional information about the experiment.

Attendance at, and attention to, these presentations is essential before you perform the experiment. As mentioned above, your Instructor may give you a "pop" quiz about the experiment to ensure your preparation and attention.

In addition, if you arrive at the lab late, and miss the pre-lab presentations, your Instructor has the right to refuse you admittance to the lab that day, and to give you a grade of zero for the experiment.

If you are chronically late arriving at lab, you may be required to drop the course.  It is not fair to the other students in your section if you chronically arrive late for class and require extra attention from the Instructor because of this. Laboratory sections start promptly at the scheduled time.

While the video is being played, students are expected to gather at the television set. You may not talk, wash glassware, start the experiment, etc. while the video is playing as a courtesy to other students.