Chemistry.1230L: Chemistry I Lab - Hartman

Conduct in Lab

Policy on Harassment

The University and the Department of Chemistry intend to provide students with a hassle-free work environment. Students are reminded that the 84.123 laboratory is also a classroom. We will not tolerate insulting, harassing, intimidating, or otherwise improper or objectionable behavior among students, or between students and instructors. Students are cautioned that objectionable, obscene, or profane language and off-color "humor" in particular cannot be tolerated. Students who violate this policy will be referred to the Counseling Center for proper sensitivity training towards the rights of others. Harassment of a sexual nature is prohibited by federal law.


Unprofessional, noisy, or disruptive behavior, and/or failure to follow published safety procedures or the instructor's directions may result in dismissal from the course. An introduction to Safety is given as part of the first laboratory meeting. Students who miss this introduction due to late registration should arrange with the Instructor for such an orientation. All students must read, sign, and hand-in the "Safety Agreement" found at the end of the lab manual. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the course.

All students are reminded in particular that the wearing of University approved eye protection is mandatory at all times while in the laboratory, whether or not you are working on an experiment. Safety goggles that meet ANSI Z.87 or later standards are the only authorized form of eye protection permitted in 84.123 laboratories.

Food and drinks may not be brought into the laboratory at any time.  Any food or drinks found in the lab will be confiscated and disposed of. 

Cell phones may not be used in the laboratory at any time.  Turn OFF your cell phone before entering the lab. If a cell phone rings during the lab period, you will be asked to leave for the day.  Cell phones may interfere with electronic equipment in the laboratory, and are a needless distraction for the user and for other students in the laboratory.


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Safety Eyewear Policy

All persons must wear University-approved safety eyewear at all times in all laboratories of the Department of Chemistry.

This applies whether or not you are working on an experiment. Safety eyewear must be worn also during "workshops" held in the laboratory. Put your goggles on as soon as you enter the laboratory room, and do not remove them until you are ready to leave the room. Safety goggles must meet all applicable Federal and State safety standards. Suitable safety goggles are available at the University Bookstore.

Since the Bookstore may stock other types of safety eyewear suitable for other uses, students must make certain that they purchase only the type approved for Chemistry Laboratories. In particular, glasses sold as protection against ultraviolet or laser light are not suitable for Chemistry Laboratory. Only safety goggles are permitted in the 84.123 laboratory.

For students who normally wear corrective lenses (eyeglasses): Your normal prescription eyeglasses are not safety goggles. You must purchase a pair of University-approved goggles at the bookstore and must wear them over your prescription eyeglasses. The goggles available at the Bookstore have been chosen so as to fit over eyeglasses.

Proper Dress

Proper Dress For Laboratory

You must wear clothing that is suitable for working with dangerous substances while in the laboratory.

You must wear long pants/trousers in the lab. Shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. are not permitted and you will be sent home to change if you wear these. Your pants/trousers should extend to the top of your shoes

Your shirt/top must have at least partial sleeves. No tank tops, halter tops, “muscle” shirts, etc. are allowed. If you wear a shirt/top with long sleeves, the sleeves should not be so loose/full as to present a hazard. Loose sleeves near a Bunsen burner are dangerous. Loose sleeves can knock over equipment containing chemicals.

You must be wearing shoes that enclose your feet. Sandals, flip-flops, or other open shoes are not permitted.