Centennial Tribute

Centennial Tribute

A Centennial Tribute: 
Lowell Textile and Lowell Tech

Community Exhibition Program  
Patrick J. Mogan Cultural Center  
Lowell National Historical Park  
40 French Street, Lowell

This museum exhibit continues the University of Massachusetts Lowell's Centennial celebration, tracing the roots of today's University through the founding and development Lowell Textile School and Lowell Technological Institute.

Established in 1895, Lowell Textile School was created in an effort to train skilled workers and to acquire the high-technology knowledge of the day in order to make the Commonwealth more competitive in the national and global economies. In 1953, the Textile School evolved into Lowell Technological Institute,  
which was incorporated into ULowel1 in 1975 and UMass Lowell in 1991. The exhibit offers a capsule version of campus and academic life since the 1890s.

Special Thanks to Dr. Mary H. Blewett and Elizabeth James for permission to use excerpts from their writings about the history of Lowell Textile School and Lowell Technological Institute. For a complete history of the University of Massachusetts Lowell, pick up a copy of To Enrich and To Serve: The Centennial History of the University of Massachusetts Lowell by Mary H. Blewett, with Christine McKenna and Martha Mayo