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Interlibrary Loan at UML

When you search the library catalog, you will be simultaneously searching:

  • UMass Lowell material
  • The collections of our partner libraries in the Boston Library Consortium (BLC)
  • Libraries across the country

Material that you can borrow immediately from the UMass Lowell Libraries will appear at the top of the list.

Items in BLC libraries will appear after our own material. Materials in other libraries in Massachusetts are listed next, followed by libraries across the country and beyond.  You will be able to see which group holds an item in the first level of results. It will appear in green text as “Libraries that own this item.”

For instance you may see a search result that looks like this:  screenshot of library catalog record

When you click the title of the book you will see a tab "Request from Interlibrary Loan". The request fields will be filled in automatically. The instructions for creating a log in are below.


How to Use Interlibrary Loan

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here here.

Register for Interlibrary Loan

You can get nearly any book or article you find listed in library results pages.

Log in to the UML library to request items from other libraries.

• You will automatically be logged in to the library if you are on campus and have a UML email and password.

• Off campus? When you log in to your email you are logged in to the library simultaneously.

When an item you want appears in the list of your search results but is not in the UML collection, click on the blue tab "Request Item through Interlibrary Loan." You will be prompted to log into ILLiad. First time ILLiad users will be asked to register for the service by providing contact information and their UMass Lowell ID number. Choose a username and password to log onto the system. The best username is your UMS number and you are strongly encouraged to use that. When you log into ILLiad from the catalog, you will see the request form already filled in with the item information. 

The new user log- in page is pictured below.

When creating your ILL account you will be asked which library you are registering to, Lydon or O'Leary. You answer will depend on where you spend most of your time while on campus. ALSO, this is where any books requested through ILL will be waiting for you to pick them up.