Faculty Guide to Library Services



Using Ensemble

Would you like to stream films which your students can watch on any device whenever they want? Let the library help you. Ensemble is media storage space purchased by the University for temporary storage of media for Faculty and Staff. Ensemble also manages copyright issues on the use of films for your classes. You can place the Ensemble link on a library guide for your class so students can have constant access to it.

To request a film for placing on Ensemble contact Celine Beaudry at the library.

It's Easy

How You Can do It

► A staff or faculty member can have a playlist created for them where all their programs can be stored.  
► Once this playlist is created, a link is created for them that they can then give to their students to access the video or audio programs.  
► Faculty can give the students the link directly, embed the link in a library guide for their class or have the linked located in the Blackboard Account that they might use for their class.

IT has purchased a certain amount of gigabyte space, so the size of a file is important.  In order to create a manageable file size, the original video or audio program is brought in a program called Wondershare, which enables us to create a more manageable size file to be uploaded. Once we upload the manageable file into ensemble, we then assign it to the proper faculty or staff playlist.

When we “publish” these files we can do one of two things depending on what type of material it is.  
► If is is personal files that the faculty owns, we can publish indefinitely.
► If we upload copyrighted materials,  generally we can publish for two to three weeks.  We can set a start and end date in ensemble for the time period the faculty or staff member wishes.

The great thing about this is that once the material is not published, it still resides on the Ensemble server to be used again in the future, which does save the work which we previously had to perform.
If anyone requests materials to be uploaded to ensemble for their classes, they should contact Celine Beaudry or Shaun Sullivan at O'Leary Library.