Faculty Guide to Library Services

Digital Service Lab in O'Leary Library

Welcome to Dig service

Help With Media and Digital Projects

Faculty who would like assistance with using media software or the use of equipment for media production, can come to the media lab in O'Leary 250. Staff there can help with creating Brainshark slide shows, making videos, uploading content to UML's server space on Ensemble, and learning the use of equipment.

See the list of available services below.



For the services listed below, the Digital Services Lab, O'Leary 250, is open from 8:30 to 5:00 Monday to Friday.  

Lending out and recovery of Audio/Video related equipment to faculty, students, and staff
Overseeing and instructing on the use of UML equipment
Lending out videos from the Library Catalog
Uploading video to UML's server space on Ensemble
Setting up pubic address systems with standard wired and wireless microphones for Library events, in conjunction with Event Services
Video recording of library and classroom events, (except ECHO360, an IT service).
Assist with use of software for editing video, audio.
Assist with creating Brainshark slide decks.