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HIST.3900.201: Women in the Middle Ages - Fogle

Women and the Arts

Women and Art/Culture

Carolyne Larrington, Women and Writing in Early Medieval Europe: A Sourcebook (1995) (UML)

Charity Cannon Willard, Christine de Pizan: her life and works (UML)

Rosalind Brown-Grant, Christine Pizan and the moral defense of women: reading beyond gender (UML)

Daniel Frankforter, ‘Hroswitha of Gandersheim and the Destiny of Women’ The Historian (JSTOR)

Barbara Newman, Voice of the living light: Hildegard of Bingen and her world (UML)

Fiona Maddocks, Hildegard of Bingen: the woman of her age (UML)

Links to Reading

Rosalind Brown-Grant, Christine de Pizan and the Moral Defense of Women: Reading Beyond Gender

Tapestry 3 Medieval women, Christine de Pisan with book
Christine de Pizan presents her book to Queen Isabeau of Bavaria.
By Master of the Cité des Dames - This file has been provided by the British
Library from its digital collections. PD

Daniel Frankforter View  issue TOC 
Volume 41, Issue 2
February 1979 
Pages 295–314