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HIST.3900.201: Women in the Middle Ages - Fogle

Reading: Marginal Women

Barbara Hanawalt, ‘The female felon in fourteenth-century England’ in Women in Medieval Society ed. S. Stuard (1976) (UML)

Paul Strohm, Hochon’s Arrow (chap 6) (UML)

Barbara Hanawalt, “Women before the law in fourteenth-century English criminal courts in D. Kelly Weisberg ed., Women and the Law: A Social and Historical Perspective, vol 1 (1982) (UML)


H.A. Carey, Courting Disaster: Astrology at the English Court and University in the later Middle Ages (1991) (GoogleBooks)

H.A. Carey, ‘Astrology at the English Court in the later Middle Ages’, in P. Curry ed., Astrology, Science and Society (1987) (WORLDCAT)

W.R. Jones, ‘Political uses of sorcery in Medieval Europe’, The Historian 34 (1972) (JSTOR)

Jeffrey Burton Russell, Witchcraft in the Middle Ages (UML)

Corinne J. Saunders, ‘Women Displaced: Rape and Romance in Chaucer’s ‘Wife of Bath’s Tale’ in Arthurian Literature, 13 (1995) (GoogleBooks)

Reading: Women & Heresy

Shulamith Shahar, The Fourth Estate (chap 8) (UML)

M.C. Barber, ‘Women and Catharism’, Reading Medieval Studies, (1977)


Claire Cross, ‘Great Reasoners in Scripture;” the Activities of Women Lollards 1380-1530 in Derek Baker, Medieval Women (UML)

Shannon McSheffrey, ‘Literacy and the Gender Gap in the Late Middle Ages: Women and Reading in Lollard Communities, in Lesley Smith and Jane Taylor eds., Women, the Book, and the Godly (1995) (UML)

Karen Sullivan, The Interrogation of Joan of Arc (UML)

Frances Gies, Joan of Arc: The Legend and the reality (UML)


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