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HIST.3900.201: Women in the Middle Ages - Fogle

Reading: Women and the Gentry and Aristocracy

Robert of Grosseteste’s Rules (for the Countess of Lincoln)(

Margaret Wade Labarge, ‘Three Medieval Widows and a Second Career’ in Michael M. Sheehan, ed., Aging and the Aged in Medieval Europe  (GoogleBooks)

Rowena Archer, ‘How ladies….ought to manage their households and estates’ in P.J. Goldberg, ed., Woman is a Worthy Wight: Women in English Society 1200-1500 (WORLDCAT)

Caroline M. Barron and Anne F. Sutton, eds., Medieval London Widows 1300-1500 (chaps 2 & 6) (GoogleBooks)

Jennifer Ward, English Noblewomen and the Local Community’ in Diane Watt, ed., Medieval Women in their Communities (GoogleBooks)

Ffiona Swabey, ‘The Household of Alice de Bryene 1412-13: There’s no such thing as a free lunch’, in M Carlin and J Rosental, eds., Food and Eating in Medieval Europe (GoogleBooks)

Ffiona Swabey, A Medieval Gentlewoman (UML--O’Leary reserve)

Reading: Queens & Queenship

Anne Crawford, ed., Letters of the Queens of England (WORLDCAT)

Anne Duggan ed., Queens and Queenship in Medieval Europe: Proceedings of a conference held at King’s College, 1995 (WORLDCAT)

Marjorie Chibnall, The Empress Mathilda (WORLDCAT)

Jane Martindale, ‘Eleanor of Aquitaine’ in Richard Coeur de Lion in History and Myth (WORLDCAT)

Douglas Owen, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen and Legend (WORLDCAT)

John Carmi Parsons, ed., Medieval Queenship (GoogleBooks)

Paul Strohm, Hochon’s Arrow (chap. 5 ‘Queens as intercessors’) (UML ebook or JSTOR)

P. A. Lee, ‘Reflections of power: Margaret of Anjou and the dark side of Queenship’, Renaissance Quarterly 39 (JSTOR)

Anne Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs, ‘A “most benevolent queen”: Queen Elizabeth Woodville’s Reputation, her Piety and her Books’, The Ricardian

Carole Levin, Queens and power in medieval and early modern England (UML ebook)

Books on Reserve in O'Leary Library

Students can check out Reserve books on the first floor of O'Leary Library

Brigitte Bedos Rezak, ‘Women, seals and power in medieval France, 1150-1350’ in Women and Power in the Middle Ages (UML—O’Leary Reserves)