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HIST.3900.201: Women in the Middle Ages - Fogle

Reading: Early Germanic Women

Zubin Mistry, Abortion in the Early Middle Ages, c. 500-900 (GoogleBooks)

Bettina Arnold, ed. Gender and the Archaeology of Death (GoogleBooks)

Christine Fell, Women in Anglo-Saxon England (UML)

Joel Rosenthal, ‘Anglo-Saxon attitudes: men’s sources, women’s history,’ in Rosenthal, Medieval Women (UML—O’Leary Reserve)

Stephanie Hollis, Anglo-Saxon Women and the Church: Sharing a Common Fate (GoogleBooks)

Judith Jesch, Women in the Viking Age (GoogleBooks)

Pauline Stafford, Queens, Concubines and Dowagers: The King’s Wife in the Early Middle Ages (WORLDCAT)

On Reserve in O'Leary

General Reading

Gender and the Archaeology of Death, Bettina Arnold, Nancy Wicker, Eds. (in Google Books)

Anglo-Saxon Women and the Church, Stephanie Hollis (in Google Books).

Women in the Viking Age, Judith Jesch (Google Books).