HIST.3900.201: Women in the Middle Ages - Fogle

Organization of the Course

The course will be organized around topics rather than dates. The topics will be considered week by week, though some may take longer, and some shorter, amounts of time.

List of Topics

2. Early Germanic women 500-1000 CE
3. Anglo-Saxon women and the Impact of the Norman Conquest
4. Upbringing
5. Marriage
6. Women and family
7. House and household
8. Rural women
9. Women in towns
10. Jewish and Muslim women
11. Queens & Noblewomen
12. Women and the arts
13. Religious women
14. Female mystics and saints
15. Women and crime, heresy and witchcraft
16. Prostitution

Make-up Policy 
No exam make-ups are allowed unless a doctor’s note is provided. If you miss an exam, you get a ZERO. Late assignments are deducted 10 points per day. If you arrive more than one half hour late to an exam, you forfeit the right to take the exam. Just one zero could result in course failure.

Academic Integrity


Academic dishonesty is prohibited in all programs of the University.  Sanctions may be imposed on any student who has committed an act of academic dishonesty. This includes any questionable activity during exams, or any use of another’s work on written assignments. 

For further information see this guide.