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Depositing a check

Depositing a check at the bank


Cashing a check at the bank

Do you have a checking account?

At which bank is your account?

"I need to ____-   _____"





a check


The teller might ask -

"I need your ____"


Photo ID

Bank card


Cashing the Check at Your Bank

Cash your check with your bank teller. This is the easiest method to getting the money you have earned quickly and safely. Your bank will most likely need a verification of your account and your driver's license or an identification card of some sort, so be sure that you bring these necessary supplies with you when you visit the bank. Never sign the check before you arrive at the bank; instead, do it in front of the teller as you cash it for ultimate security.



Deposit your check at the ATM of your bank. This is another way to cash the check you've been given. Essentially, you'll be depositing the check into your bank account; it can take up to three business days for the cash to go through, but if you already have some money in your account, you can just withdraw the amount you need in the meantime. Either way, this is a quick way to ensure that the money goes into your account. Here is how you deposit a check at the ATM of your banking company:

  • Insert your debit card
  • Type in your PIN and press Enter
  • Select "Deposit Check"
  • Insert the check into the check deposit slot
  • Confirm the amount on the check
  • Withdraw the money from the ATM once the check goes through (or sooner if you have more money in the bank already)