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Honors College Student Fellowships: Creativity

Honors College Fellowship

Name: General Honors College Creativity Fellowship

Mentor:  Student and mentor need to find each other.

Type: Creativity

Name: General Honors College Creativity Fellowship

Title: Required and must be supplied by the student.

Project Description: Must be supplied by the student and stapled to the application.

The Honors College will award a number of General Creativity Fellowships during fiscal year FY19. A recipient of this award will engage with a creative activity for 100 hours or that is guided by a fellowship mentor who has expertise in the chosen area. One goal of these fellowships is to encourage honors student - honors mentor academic relationships that may lead to an Honors Thesis or an Honors Project. Honors students from any major are welcome to apply. It is likely that this work would be spread across time, typically between October and April. It is possible to get started as early as July 1st, but an honors mentor would need to commit to meeting with and guiding the student during July and August.


Name: Jim and Carol Canning Creative Writing Fellowship

Fellowship Mentor: Bernadette Stockwell

Type: Creativity

Name: Jim and Carol Canning Create Writing Fellowship

Title: Required and must be proposed by the student.

Project Description: Required and must be supplied by the student and stapled to the application.

“Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”  

E. L. Doctorow

Do you like to write? Do you have an idea for a novel?  The recipient of this fellowship will write regularly, meet with the mentor, and read and reflect on books on writing (partial list below). They will also craft a query letter and chapter synopsis, investigate venues to ‘publish’ their work (podcast, literary journals, traditional publishers), and present a public reading of their work. Through this process, the recipient will gain experience and confidence- both essential for the novice writer.

Upon completion, the student will have written a 50,000 word minimum novel (any genre is acceptable).

Anne Lamott: Bird by bird

Stephen King: On writing—A memoir of the craft

James Wood: How fiction works

Eudora Welty: On writing

Ellen Gilchrist: The writing life

Christopher Vogler: The writer’s journey—Mythic structure for writers

Dorethea Brande: Becoming a writer

Ernest Hemingway: On writing

Stephen Pressfield: The war of art

To apply, fill out an FY19 Honors College Student Fellowship Application.

Name: Robert J. Lechner Endowed Creativity Fellowship

Mentor: Student and mentor need to find each other.

Name: Robert J. Lechner Endowed Creativity Fellowship

Title: Required and must be supplied by the student.

Project Description: Required and it must be stapled to the application by the student.

The Robert J. Lechner Honors College Creativity Fellowship is intended for an Honors College student with a passion for one of these areas:

  • Art and Design
  • Music
  • Theater Arts
  • Digital Media
  • Creative Writing

Prof. Robert J. Lechner, Ph.D., was a long-time faculty member in UMass Lowell's Computer Science Department. He was one of the nicest and smartest people one could ever meet. He and his colleagues help to build our Computer Science Department from scratch. He and his wife Patricia raised a large family of musicians and artists. We honor Professor Lechner's memory through these Honors College Creativity Fellowships. Professor Lechner was a wonderful, very bright, and caring person. What a terrific combination.

Past and Current Winners

2016/2017  Eric Miller
2017/2018  Mary Everett
2018/2019  Emmy Misail