Adding Libguides to Blackboard

Guide Metadata in LTI Tool builder

You can access the LTI Tool builder from the Admin tab in LIBAPPS, as below:

Metadata in LTI ToolBuilder

Click the pencil icon in the Actions column, as below:


The Value field is the only one you can edit here. However, you can add new metadata by clicking the Add Metadata button at the top of the table, as here:


You can add Metadata to a guide by editing the guide in LibGuides  but you can also add it here by clicking the + Add Metadata button.

►Click + Add Metadata above the table.
►Select the Guide from your system.
►The Metadata Name field is not editable.
►Add the Metadata Value.
►Click Save.

Removing Metadata


To remove metadata go into LibGuides and edit the guide, using the Settings icon. Remember, removing the Metadata means that the guide will no longer be matched on that parameter and sent on to your LMS.