Adding Libguides to Blackboard


Adding Metadata to Guides

►While editing a guide, click the cog () icon, and select Guide Metadata, then choose Custom Metadata.
►Click Empty and enter the Metadata name (the lower case letters lti), you chose in the Library LTI Page Builder > Parameter Matching area. Then click the blue checkmark.
►In the Value column, click Empty, enter the appropriate value, which is the  Blackboard code for the semester. The code for Spring 2018 is L2730. It looks as though we will have to re-enter the metadaat for each course every semester. It would be good to find a workaround for this, but at present we just have to follow it. Then add the course number, by following the instructions below.

text 2

Above is the edit box where you will enter metadata for the guide.

How to Add Metadata

To create the proper metadata value, (in the Value column), go to this page,  and search for the class. When you find it you will see the Course Number.You can see the course number in parenthesis as in this course listing:

This is the number to be added to the L2730 code. So the value for this class will look like this: L2730-15383.

You can also create additional metadata values. As you can see, when you add metadata , additional fields open up so you can add another Name and Value to the guide. The name will always be lti, but you might consider adding the course name and number as well. In the example above this would be, ENG.1020-202. The benefit here is that if we add other search parameters, this guide will still be discoverable. It is not necessary at present however.

In the future we may change the system such that more than one guide will be added to a course shell.